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Workshops are an excellent format for learning through experiential activities and psychometric tools. Participants will also network and enrich their learning. Contact me for more information on any of these workshops or to book them for other locations.

Know yourself to lead yourself

Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM

Yours is 1 out of a possible 16 combination TYPES … What does this mean? Find your TYPE and the impact of your TYPE on your leadership style, decision making, communication, interactions …and much more ….

Set yourself free


Tue 8:00 AM

Fear of rejection, fear of making a mistake, fear of not being accepted, fear of public speaking, fear of authority, etc.  Apply NLP Techniques to move you into more productive zones.

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October 2016

What are the stories you are telling yourself? These stories may make a situation go from bad to worse. Learn about your own natural conflict addressing technique and how to modulate this based on the situation and maintain positive relationships.

Move up your emotional quotient

November 2016

Do you know what you are feeling and are able to specify what makes you feel that way? Identify your emotional hot buttons, and with that increased self awareness, figure out how to regulate your responses to situations….Be more emotionally aware of self and others.